A New Home

Kristin McGranerSTEM Prep News

Strength. Stability. Unwavering resolve. For centuries, trees have symbolized these traits – indeed, the very traits we aim to build within our children and young people. At STEM Prep, we are not just building schools and teaching students. We are cultivating, from within our neighborhoods, the inherent strength and resolve of our children and families. We are rooting ourselves, embracing our neighbors and planting the seeds that will transform the lives of those we serve.

In this spirit of strength and resolve, on May 11, we will break ground on our forever STEM Prep High School home. We conceive of this special milestone as something much different (and much more) than a groundbreaking. Rather than break the earth beneath us, we will plant roots within it. As a symbol of our students’ strength and our community’s unwavering resolve, we will plant and dedicate our school tree. With our students and families, teachers and elected officials, we will lift up this symbol of strength and look toward the growth and the flowering of our students, our families, and our community.