Professional Development

STEM Prep students come first. And the only way to ensure the success of our students is to surround them with effective teachers. To do this,


and supply them with a holistic teacher development program.

Here’s what makes the Teacher Development Program at STEM Prep different:

  • Summer Learning Institute

    Provides a chance for both new and returning teachers to strengthen their craft, reflect on the big wins and the areas of growth of the previous year, and develop both an individual and collective game-plan for the coming academic year. Over three weeks, new and returning teachers develop unit plans and study pedagogical methods. They plug themselves into the vibrant community we serve, and they foster meaningful, lasting relationships with other like-minded professionals who are passionate and dedicated to the cause of student well-being and achievement.

  • Instructional Coaching

    During the academic year, every teacher is given individualized instructional coaching. Every week, teachers are observed and provided resources and one-on-one practice sessions to develop and strengthen their own unique voice in the classroom. From assessing student work to co-planning a lesson, observing a master teacher to analyzing a video of one’s own teaching, instructors learn to build on their strengths and to seek out the tools to ensure continued improvement and excellence.

  • Home Visits

    In the last week of the Summer Learning Institute, teachers conduct home visits with the students and families whom they will serve in the coming year. Home visits provide a chance for teachers, students, and families to build relationships of mutual openness and accountability, and they serve to underscore the belief that parent-teacher communication is integral to student success and well-being.