In a first-of-its-kind partnership,


to serve the youngest New Americans with the most urgent needs.

It is not only needed but also necessary to address the needs of newcomer students so that they can advance their academic achievement and thereby bolster the future workforce.


Advancing Academic Achievement and Social Integration of New Arrival Students

We will advance academic achievement by:

  • Direct, systematic, and explicit language instruction totaling 3 hours per instructional day for a total of 570 hours/year of direct language teaching and learning.
  • Guided reading instruction, differentiated by language proficiency and reading level and facilitated daily for a total of 320 hours/year.
  • Content based standards-aligned language acquisition instruction to include total physical response (TPR), implicit and explicit academic language instruction, visual representations, and related instructional strategies to ensure access to fact based content.

We will advance social integration by:

  • NNA students will participate with their grade-level STEM Prep peers during daily community meetings, school meals, clubs, and extracurricular activities, enrichment, music and the arts.
  • NNA students will enroll in the general education social studies and math course sequence, participating with their non-NELB peers. These courses will be co-facilitated by certified content area teachers and EL specialized certified teachers.
  • NNA students will participate in two advisories—one devoted to the unique socio-emotional needs of newcomers, and one in the general education setting with the goals to provide structured, meaningful opportunities to develop relationships with non-NELB peers.

Bolstering Instructional Capacity in Schools Serving English Learners

Employing the demonstration school model, we will:

  • Train and support teachers of newcomers and English Language Learners to enact evidence-based practices in language acquisition across content areas;
  • Provide professional development to both leaders and teachers in the enactment of effective instruction for English Language Learners;
  • Collaborate with school leaders serving high concentration of EL students in the design and execution of school-level systems to support newcomer students;
  • Measure instructional effectiveness outcomes, identifying the professional development experiences yielding these greatest gains to teacher and student performance outcomes.
“[Nashville Newcomer Academy] is a great idea from STEM Preparatory Academy, a charter school in South Nashville with one of the largest English Learners populations in the state … [it] will be a demonstration school designed to meet the unique needs of English Learners and provide professional development for other schools serving high concentrations of New American students.” Karl Dean, The Sixth Mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County