Three Steps to Writing an Alternative Curriculum

STEM Prep TeamEducator Insights

Now that you have determined that the alternative curriculum is the best option for your student, you likely don’t have a curriculum in place for you to use. If you do, it likely doesn’t meet the unique needs of your student. So, where do you start? Here are three steps … Read More

Mindfulness: A Work in Progress

Zephaniah BostowEducator Insights


A recent buzzword in educational circles is that of mindfulness. A Google search for “mindfulness in education” would confirm its recent popularity, yielding some 19 million results. Though mindfulness is a practice that dates back to the 4th century, its implementation in schools is a much more recent trend. I … Read More

Skills Needed To Be A Successful Adult

Maggie LundEducator Insights

Many of the best and brightest educators in Nashville call STEM Prep Academy home. Together our teaching faculty and school leaders have more than 215 years of teaching experience, have studied and worked in more than 40 countries and speak more than 16 languages. Their unique experiences and perspectives are … Read More